Selection process for accepted abstracts

The sole decision for the selection of accepted abstracts is with the Scientific Committee of ACOSCM. All submitted abstracts will be carefully reviewed and presented to the full committee. If more abstracts will be submitted for the available presentation slots around the four themes, all abstracts related to one theme will be ranked by the committee. The top ranked abstracts will be accepted and the authors notified respecively. The ranking structure will be decided by majority vote amongst the members of the Scientific Committee if required. 


Assessment criteria for submitted abstracts

All submitted abstracts will be reviewed and assessed according to the following criteria and the respective weighting as indicated in percentage (%):

  1. Topicality - relevance and currentness (30%)
  2. Theoretical contribution (25%)
  3. Practical contribution (15%)
  4. Academic writing (15%)
  5. Innovative approach (15%)


All authors who submit an abstract must accept that the decision by the Scientific Committee is final and that there is no (legal) right for appeal.
If you do have any questions concerning the selection process and selection criteria, please feel free to reach out to the Scientific Committee by email: