Co-Funding Partners


Every year, LEARN Logistics from Hamburg, Germany and a 100% subsidiary of the private Switzerland-based Kühne Foundation, financially supports the African Conference on Operations and Supply Chain Management (ACOSCM).  

Logistics and supply chain management (LSCM) are key factors and the backbone of global trade and economic development. Therefore, LEARN Logistics supports not only the annual ACOSCM, but more generally universities and capacity building initiatives predominantly in African countries. Particularly, the focus is on the sustainable development and expansion of teaching and research capacities in the field of logistics and supply chain management. LEARN Logistics pursues the approach of cross-functional logistics systems and promotes other sectors such as health and agriculture in addition to the commercial market. The aim is to promote an efficient logistics and supply chain management system and thus a competitive and sustainable economy in low and middle-income countries through high-quality education.

LEARN Logistics works in regions where public or private funding and local resources are insufficient to deliver the required LSCM education and to meet international quality standards. Together with local universities, LEARN Logistics offers education opportunities tailored to the specific needs and requirements of the countries. The development of such a high-quality education system is achieved through multilateral partnerships between internationally leading higher education institutions in high-income countries and selected universities in low- and middle-income countries in East and partly West Africa. LEARN Logistics currently offers its support to 14 universities in six African countries and addresses approximately 10,000 annually enrolled students across over 30 study programs.

LEARN Logistics envisions a world without talent shortages in logistics and supply chain management to enable global trade and resilient economies. Excellence in logistics competences can lower trade costs and help countries to become more resilient and remain competitive globally.

LEARN Logistics` mission is to provide local (higher) education opportunities for logistics and supply chain managements based on the belief that only local capacity building programs will be able to properly address specific country needs and requirements to facilitate international aid and economic development sustainably.